Are you ready? Yeah! Are you sure? Let’s Go!

—Coach Chapman

The Larry Chapman Foundation was founded on the belief that all college student-athletes deserve to be recognized and supported throughout their careers. Thank you for joining our cause! Your financial gifts give these students the opportunity to continue their education after eligibility by receiving a full scholarship. 

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Core Values

ACKNOWLEDGE – Thousands of college athletes never finish their degrees after their playing eligibility ends because they can’t afford to stay in school without funding. We recognize this struggle, and we want to acknowledge these challenges that student athletes face every year and offer a solution.
SECURE – We want to change the norm by offering scholarships to college athletes, allowing them to stay in school and graduate debt free, and relieving the stress and financial burden they feel.
EMPOWER – We want to empower student athletes to take control of their futures and use their God-given talent to further their careers.
UPLIFT –   These kids deserve to be supported and believed in by their communities. Our scholarships position these student athletes to go forward and make a positive impact in the city of Montgomery.

Are you ready? Yeah! Are you sure? Let’s Go!

In 1970 I was named the Head Basketball Coach at Auburn High School. My two assistants, David and Hugh Corless along with myself originated the slogan, before breaking the huddle:

— coach “ARE YOU READY?”
— players “yeah!”
— coach “ARE YOU SURE?”
— players  “Let’s Go!”

…and thus the tradition was born and has continued for over forty years.

— Coach Chapman

Coach Chapman Foundation
Scholarship Recipients

2018 Scholarship Recipient

November 10th, 2018|Comments Off on 2018 Scholarship Recipient

 Kameron Hornbuckle! We are so grateful for all who gave their time, talents and financial gifts to give Kameron Hornbuckles, and many other student-athletes to come, the opportunity to make their dreams come true. [...]

2017 Scholarship Recipient

November 27th, 2017|Comments Off on 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Julius McCoy The 2017-18 Coach Chapman Scholarship recipient. Julius is the Coach Chapman Foundations's very first scholarship recipient.  We are so grateful for all who gave their time, talents and financial gifts to make [...]

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